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problems could be ending im not sure. il pick up my writng and i will begin to edit what i have written. maybe someday i will post again. thanks to the one person that inspires me. until next time ttys



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due to some things happening in my life that i need to sort out i wont be publishing for quite some time. i hope that i can have time to write a again soon. =u.u= i need to find out things for myself. il start by maybe just hanging with my friends. i may get ideas for a new post

Chapter 2. The Dreamers Part 2.

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Elliot wakes up groggy in a cold dungeon. It was dark but his vampire eyes allowed him to see clear as day his brother standing nonchalantly against the wall. 

“Bout time ye woke up. I thought ye would be dead,” he said smacking Elliot in the back of the head. 
“What happened?” he groaned rubbing the back of his head. 
“Those damned McHaronals attacked us and took away our mother and Yurena,” he growled flashing his fangs in anger. 
“Where did they take them, and where is father?” He said quickly jumping to his feet and looking out of the cell doors frantically looking to find the rest of his family. He pulled at the bars of the jail cell trying to get free, but since he hadn’t fed all day he was weakened and burning with thirst. 
“Give it a break Elliot, I tried to break the bars earlier and failed,” Liserg said. 
“Lovely mess we are in isn’t it?” Elliot said sitting back on the ground. The door opened and a guard stepped in the room, quite an ugly brute with not but a hair on him, skin green as Lock Ness. His overly muscled physic and yellow eyes with black pupils gave the foul beast away a half-breed troll, the foulest creature in the land.  
Through the dark dungeon it stalked, snorting and grunting as nasty slime oozed from its wretched maw, followed by its vampire masters. Three vampires walked behind this disgusting creature. One female with blonde hair and ice blue eyes with a stare so cold it could literally freeze anyone in their tracks, her thin pale body made the white dress she wore float on the air around her. One of the others in this trio was a man who stood strong and tall, muscular, and dangerous. The fresh blood on the mans fangs mad Elliot’s throat burn yearning for blood. The broadness of his shoulders made his appearance savage as a barbarian sporting a kilt and loose shirt, his red mane hung from his shoulders proudly like that of a lion, his face pale and freshly shaved. The other man just as pale but with little stubble of hair on his face. So thin he could be mistaken for a walking skeleton, his black straight hair framing his high cheeks and cloaking his eyes keeping anyone from reading the emotion on his face. Lithe and beautiful all three to the eye but underneath such beauty lied merciless monstrosities that the mind can barely imagine. The trio glided down the walkway to the very end of the dungeon to the last cell. Screams for help erupted from down the walkway.

Chapter 2. The Dreamers Part 1.

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The sky was dark and gloomy as Elliot stood on top of the castles spires. Peering down at the many glowing red eyes filled with blood lust. He jumped off the spires drawing his claymore and sending a blow so powerful that it decapitated several of his enemies before his feet touched the ground. Surrounded by the enemy clan the McHaronal’s ghoulish hands reached for him. He jumped on the wall with ease and ran down the wall making another swing slashing his enemies in half as blood flew everywhere and screams of pain ripped through the air. Hordes of them came too many for him to handle at once. “If I don’t do something quick I’m screwed,” he though as he slashed away at all the vampires.

“Hey! Need a little help bro,” came a voice from above. Elliot looked up, lo and behold there was his brother with an eager look on his face. Liserg swooped down as a bat and landed as his leather boots planted into the face of the grey horrid creatures that shrieked and clawed at his leg as he drew his broad sword and shield. Liserg bashed his shield against the horde as he brought down the broadsword into the face of the writhing vampire beneath him. Blood splattered all over his face, sword and shield as a dieing sputtering gurgle came from it’s throat as it slowly died. The army kept coming at them. They kept fighting as hard as they could, one single scream rang out. The two men look around trying to find that specific scream. Then they spotted 50 vampires carrying off their mother and their sister Yurena. New found rage came over them and they fought viciously but alas in the end they were incapacitated.

Chapter 1. The Stormy Meeting part 5

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The room that they looked into next had a bed fit for a queen, sheets made of smooth warm silk, curtains in the room that looked homemade but beautifully done with a lace trim, the dresser made of the finest oak glowed in the light. “Wow!” she gasped “This room is beautiful. What room is this?” she asked in awe. 
“This room belongs to…the mistress of the castle,” Elliot sighed his white pale face turned beat red. 

“Who is that?” She asked. 

“I don’t have one.” Elliot said his face turning a deeper red. 
“Can I stay in this room even though I’m not you mistress?” she pleaded making puppy dog eyes. 
Elliot stared into her hazel eyes wanting more than anything for her to stay in the master bedroom with him but he sighed “I guess you can…if you really want to.” They walked down the hall and to the next room. 


He made a waving gesture as they walked inside “This is the master bedroom if you every need me. I’ll be in here sometimes.” 

“Wow this room is even better than the one I’m staying in but why is there a coffin in here?” slaps forehead” Duh he cant be in the sunlight.” she thought. 

“It’s getting late and you must be tired. I’ll show you the rest of the house tomorrow.” He chuckled politely kissing her hand. 
“Good Night,” She said blowing a kiss at Elliot. 
Elliot watched her go into her room. He liked the way her hips glided smoothly as she walked towards her room. When she went into her room he slowly walked to his room and open the black coffin to the secret compartment where his bed was. He took off his shirt and laid down on the bed holding his cheek and pondered “This cannot be! Me…a vampire falling in love a human how can this be? No! It can’t be. It’s too soon to say love I mean my god I just met her. It just can’t be. I have to get rid of her before I become too attached and let her stay permanently. I know! I’ll let her stay for a few days just until she gets homesick and then I forget about her…but I would miss her pearly white smile, her laugh, her beautiful hazel eyes and her long soft brown hair that drapes over her shoulders. Damn it Elliot come on man wake up and smell the blood! I would be alone again but I don’t want to be…alone,” he laid there for awhile before he drifted to sleep. 

Chapter 1. The Stormy Meeting part 4

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“I’m standing right in front of you aren’t I? So now that that’s settled, how old are you?” Smiles lets his fangs show poking them.
“I am eighteen years old.” Leanne stammered staring at his fangs. “Elliot would you keep me forever, even if I can sometimes be a pain?” desperation in her voice.
“Of course my dear lady friend.” Elliot said making a low bow. “But first things first. If you are going to live here you have to find your way around my home. I’ll show you around.” Holding out his hand to take hers. She timidly withdrew away from him. “What is wrong? Don’t worry I promise I wont bite” Taking her arm gently and winking at her. They walked up the stairs and approached the first room. “This is my library where I sit down with a hot cup of apple cider and read.”
Leanne gazed in wonder at the room filled with shelves upon shelves of books both old and new with many colors, shapes and sizes. “How did you get all these books?” She gasped in awe.
“Some belong to my parents others decades or centuries old…the newer ones are mine.” he said
Leanne notice another door in the library. “What’s that other room in the library?” she asked pointing to a door that seemed to jut out of the wall.
“It’s just more of the library. We can explore that later moving on to the next room.” He said leading her to a room that looked like a chemistry lab. “As you can guess this is my lab which I do my research.” He said with pride.
“What kind of research?” she asked.
“For the past 50 years I have been researching for a way to make artificial blood so that I can help people and do business without wanting to bite them. The other research project I have is only temporary it is a serum for vampires so we can be in the sun like humans. I have succeeded in making both and now I own a multi billion dollar company that sell the blood.” He said.
“That explains the electricity.” Leanne thought to herself as Elliot escorted her down the hall heading to the next room.


Chapter 1. The Stormy Meeting part 3

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“That is fine; I’ll stay here as long as you’ll keep me. My father…I bet he doesn’t even know I’m gone. Ouch!” she said holding her shoulder.
“What is wrong with your shoulder?” Elliot asked staring at the small amount of blood flowing from the wound.
“It’s just a scratch,” She replied wincing in pain as Elliot put peroxide on the cut and bandaged it.
“It should be gone in a few days.” He said trying to keep the conversation going.
“Thanks, How long have you lived in this castle,” Leanne asked marveling at the beauty and complexity of the foyer.
“All my life,” Elliot said.
“This place looks almost a hundred years old,” She said.
“Correct, but I am almost ninety and getting older but I will always remain young; It’s been almost fifty years since I have seen another vampire,” Elliot said with sad eyes remembering his painful past.
“I am not a vampire I may be pale but not a vampire.” she said. A few seconds passed and she realized what her new found friend was. “A-are you a vampire? I’ve heard stories about them but I never thought they were real.”